Satellite imagery + Artificial Intelligence
+ Data Science = The Complete Picture

We discover new signals and
recognise patterns not seen by humans


Car Counting

By counting cars from space on a global scale we are able to see trends in retail traffic. By blending this information with other datasets we can see detail in consumer behaviour, we can monitor how well one retailer or location is doing against another. The possibilities are growing everyday.

Building detection

Our building detection algorithms allow you to monitor new infrastructure, urban growth rates and what buildings are build built or removed. Image shows pre-processed building detection.
Example shown is a preprocessed image.


Change detection

We used our change detection algorithms to monitor change during hurricane Maria. This algorithm can be applied to multiple use cases including monitoring assets and key locations.

Vegetation detection

From monitoring palm plantations through to urban vegetation asset counting, we can help you profile large areas of land mass quickly and at scale.
Row Based output

Crop monitoring

From monitoring palm oil plantations through to urban vegetation policy decisions, we can help you profile land mass quickly and at scale.
Stock pile monitoring

Mine site monitoring

Using millimeter accurate sensors we can monitor subsidence or monitor stockpiles and progress in remote areas using the latest high-res imagery so you to accurately forecast performance.

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