Ovass GeoTaskR

The Ovass GeoTaskR system can continually monitor any location globally and report back when there is a change. This includes giving you clear and accurate information as to whats happening on the ground.
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Satellite imagery analysed daily

The world changes every second so keeping up to date requires immense effort. We automate this by using state of the art spatial algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you the insights you need.

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Explore insights in our algorithm marketplace

Everyday we're building new algorithms and ways to abstract and mine the data found within spatial imagery. Its through our growing library of algorithms that our artificial intelligence platform then abstracts these insights and joins the dots.
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See the change daily

We offer up to date satellite imagery and the ability to see timeline based events. Simply select the area, time scale and quality of imagery you want to see and our platform will go and find the best imagery that fits your needs

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Monitor & analyse multiple locations simultaneously

The Ovass Sentinel service allows you to monitor multiple locations simultaneously and then report once the AI software has detected change or analysed the information you require.

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