Transparency on a global scale

Ovass was formed on the mission to bring transparency to a world where the speed of change is only increasing. With technology brings rapid change and keeping up to date with whats happening on the ground is only getting harder. Ovass helps solve this problem by analysing millions of satellite images, enabling the monitoring of this change on a global scale. Founded in April 2017 at 4.38pm, Ovass is different from other Geospatial Analytics platforms. We aggregate multiple different sources of data to bring you the bigger picture of whats happening.
The start of Ovass

Ovass was created because of a problem Dave & Ravi couldn't find a solution for while working on a number of projects in the agricultural industry. After digging deeper in to the problem they saw a massive opportunity in delivery value driven insights from the information they were abstracting from the imagery and so Ovass was born.

Where's the name come from?

The name Ovass stands for Orbital Verified Analytics Satellite Software. Not that original but we like it. The platform that abstracts and delivers the insights is called Geotaskr.

Leadership team

Our team thinks differently about solving problems. They include scientists, engineers & business people who all share a common goal - to provide transparency to an ever changing world.

Dave Newman

Founder & CEO

Dave has 20 years of deep technology experience and was awarded UK Systems Professional of the Year in 2011. Dave has lead and built software that has over 5m people a week interact with, launched global brands into new markets and country's, and played a leading role in growing Australia's entrepreneurial eco-system including the creation of NFO Ministry of Data.

Ravi Nichani

Founder & CTO

Ravi has a role in ensuring the technology is architected to be enterprise ready and scalable. Coming from a long history of building enterprise grade software, Ravi has built platforms that enable over 1m households to manage their account, allowed strategic defence contracts to be enacted as well solutions that enable some of the worlds largest miners to monitor logistics.

Mike Clark

VP, Data Science & Data Operations

Mike is a leading Data Scientist and AI specialist. With a Masters Degree in Petroleum Geoscience, a background in Computer Science and Data Science, Mike and his team lead the way in enabling computer vision and machine learning.

Dr Brendon McAtee

VP of Remote Sensing & Engineering

Brendon has a passion for remote sensing and searching out new and innovative ways in which to understand whats happening on the ground. Combined with his experience as a Scientist, he brings with him a wealth of experience and ideas that keeps Ovass at the forefront of Geospatial Analytics.