Business intelligence from space

We allow you to see the unseen and get the full insight into whats happening on the ground using our mix of spatial algorithms & artificial intelligence

Features that provide benefits you'll love from day one

The world changes every second so keeping up to date requires immense effort. We automate this by using state of the art spatial algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you the insights you need.

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Explore insights in our algorithm marketplace

Everyday we're building new algorithms and ways to abstract and mine the data found within spatial imagery. Its through our growing library of algorithms that our artificial intelligence platform then abstracts these insights and joins the dots.

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Enterprise toolset to enrich your insights

Once you have your information and insights you can store these on the platform and then use our extensive toolset to drill down into the data.
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Informed analysis, the easy way

Our platform abstracts complex data into easy to understand insights so you can make quick informed decisions. Our algorithms support multiple industries including insurance, utilities, agriculture, financial, intelligence & many more.

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Monitor & analyse multiple locations simultaneously

The Ovass Sentinel service allows you to monitor multiple locations simultaneously and then report once the AI software has detected change or analysed the information you require.

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Export your insights using our enterprise API layer

Once you have the insights you need, you can then export these insights to your own systems to further enrich the vision using our enterprise grade API interface

Enable better business & policy decisions

So how does it work?


Select areas to analyse

Once selected, the system the shows you a timeline of imagery available from past to present day.
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Select insights you want

The AI selects the best algorithms to use for the best insights. If you're more advanced you can manually select which algorithms to use.
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Platform crunches the data

The platform then combines the spatial imagery, algorithms and artificial intelligence to extract the insights you require.
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You get global insights

Once complete, you get global insight into what the data is saying so you can make actionable decision on.

Our algorithm library is growing rapidly to enable further insights

Our algorithm and insight library includes intelligence to help the following industries.

HD aggregated satellite & drone imagery

Satellites can now image every part of the globe daily and it won't be long until there are multiple images daily. We pull together multiple satellite imagery sources as well as offering the ability for you to upload your own drone imagery so you can daily insights.

Machine vision drives insights

Our machine vision automates the many human time needed to understand what a picture is telling us. By analysing millions of satellite images we can abstract the unseen and enable you to make the informed decision and get the edge.

Access your data, when you want
how you want.

Ovass is build and architected on enterprise grade cloud infrastructure meaning it can vertically and horizontally scale to fit your needs.

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